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Monday, April 27, 2009

History Day.........

It's History Day at Ye Olde Blogge again..........

1865, the worst steamship disaster in the history of the US occurred today. The Sultana carried 2300 passengers, the majority being freed Union prisoners, exploded in route to Cairo, Illinois. Neither the cause or the final count of the dead, (thought to be 1400-2000) were ever determined.

And in other news.............

1773, in Britain, Parliament passes the Tea Act, which effectively gives the East India Company a monopoly in America. (Hmmm...I see trouble brewing... Pun intended)

1805, during the first Barbary wars, U.S. Marines and Berber mercenaries launch an attack on the Tripolitan city of Derna (to the shores of Tripoli.....)

1880, Francis Clarke and M.G. Foster patented the electronic hearing aid.

1938, Geraldine Apponyi was the first American woman to become a Queen. She married King Zog of Albania.

1960, the submarine Tullibee was launched from Groton Ct. It was the first sub to be equipped with closed circuit television.

So what've you guys got???

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Heroes.........

Saturday heroes is going up late today because I've been running myself crazed for days! you can see, Saturday's heroes this week are police officers and firemen. These men and women are always there when you need them. Of course, I may be a little prejudiced because my dad was a police officer. But think about it.

When you need help, who do you call? When shots ring out, who runs TOWARD the gunfire in an attempt to save civilians?

And as for firemen and women? Turn the TV on. Check out the fires raging in South Carolina at the moment. Imagine being surrounded by flames so high and so hot they actually MELTED homes. Now think about it. While people are running for their lives, the fire department is running INTO the danger.

To me--they're ALL heroes.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Angels and Demons.......

No, not the new movie by the Da Vinci code guy.

I'm talking about the angels and demons we meet in the fabulous CW television show, SUPERNATURAL.

Yes, it seems I didn't talk about this show enough over the weekend. So here I am back again. Above is a picture of Castiel. An angel. At the moment, he's inhabiting the body of a man of faith who volunteered to host the angel's powerful spirit. (And nice choice on the rent-a-body, Cas!)

But anyway.....Cas is the angel who pulled Dean out of hell on orders from God and for that, we love him already. But it seems that angels have problems, too. They've put Dean and Sam in charge of stopping Lucifer from breaking loose from Hell. But while they're trying to do the right thing, OTHER angels are being a little less than full of grace.

We've met Uriel and Zacariah and Anna and frankly, I can so understand why Anna and Cas are suddenly having doubt issues. We've learned that only four angels have ever really SEEN God. So basically, the angels are expected to have blind faith just like the rest of us.

Oh, and speaking of blind, do we remember when Cas appeared to our favorite psychic and his heavenly visage was so brilliant it BLINDED her??? (And by the way, why couldn't he have healed her?? Seemed like the reasonable thing to do since he claimed it was an accident!)

So what do you guys think? Are the angels on Dean and Sam's side? Is Zacariah plotting something? Are we going to see Chuck the Prophet again? And where does Anna fit in?

Oh yeah. What about this 'new' Winchester brother we're meeting? Is that a jump the shark moment?

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Monday, April 20, 2009

History Day

BEt you know who that cute little girl is! That's right on this day in 1934, Shirley Temple debuted in STAND UP AND CHEER. People raved about her song and dance routines for years. (And according to my mom....because of Shirley, little girls across America were tortured with those weird little curls!)

In other news..........

1865, safety matches were first advertised on this day. (I'm thinking people were really grateful to have them, too!)

1931, Knute Rockne, famed football coach, died in a plane crash.

1949, Willie Shoemaker won his first horse race. (of course, the horse did most of the work!)

1959, THE UNTOUCHABLES debuted on CBS

And that's it for me! A slow day history wise....until you guys show me everything I missed!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday heroes..........

Ahhh....Saturday heroes.

So, got demon troubles? Ghosts rattling chains in your attic or basement? Pesky witches making trouble in the neighborhood?

Have I got some heroes for you.

Meet Sam and Dean Winchester. (Otherwise known as Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles).

The Winchester brothers are demon hunters. They're out to save the world whether they want to or not. And sometimes, they sooo don't want to.

But that's the nature of hero too, isn't it? Doing what needs to be done even when you don't want to be the one to do it. Even when it could cost your own life or the life of someone you love.

So, if you love the paranormal, as I do! Or if you love great writing, lots of great dialogue and let's be honest, (looking at some trulyl great looking guys) turn to the CW and check out Supernatural.

And if you already watch Supernatural, what are you? A Dean girl? Or a Sam girl? Me, I like Dean. Gotta love a hard ass with a biting sense of humor!

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Monday, April 13, 2009

History Day

Ahhhh, another History Day rolls around. Is it just me or are the weeks really flying past???

ANYWAY, on this day in 1899, Alfred Butts was born. Yes, an unprepossessing name...but this was the man who gave us SCRABBLE. Yes, the most popular word game ever. Alfred was an architect who lost his job during the Depression. He invented a 'crossword puzzle' game that he and his friends enjoyed. When a Macy's executive saw the game, in 1952 and started selling the little game at his store. Pretty soon, a big game making company came to Alfred and offered to pay him 3 cents for every copy of the game they made. Within a few weeks, 6,000 copies a week were being made. So, to the King of Displacement Activity games, we say a hearty Thank you, Alfred.

In other news..........

1796, the first Elephant arrived in the United States. Emigrating from Bengal, India, it arrived here through NYC

1943, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial was dedicated in DC

1964, Sidney Poitier became the first black actor in a leading role, to win an Oscar. He did it for his part in Lilies of the Field (a terrific movie)

1970, Apollo 13, on its way to the Moon, was crippled by an exploding liquid Oxygen tank and we heard the words, "Houston, we have a problem."

1997, Tiger Woods at 21 became the youngest person to win a major golf title. The Masters.

What've you guys got??

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Silhouette Desire Author Blog Debuts Monday!

Starting Monday, April 13th, the Silhouette Desire Author's blog is going live! It's going to be fun, too.

We've got a great lineup of writers who will be blogging Monday through Friday--answering questions, chatting about books, characters and our favorite Silhouette line! And during our first month on the site, we'll be giving a book away, every day, with winners announced on the weekends!

So come on over, leave a comment, say hi! (I'm the first blogger up on Monday, so I'd appreciate the company!).......and maybe you'll win a great book!

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Saturday heroes........

Yes, Saturday Heroes posted on Friday again guessed it. My Saturday is already stacking up with a million or two things to do!!

So, what do we have here....

Ah yes, the Highlander. And who better to pose for this hero's picture than Adrian Paul?? The man had it all in that Highlander series.

He was fiercely loyal, strong, brave, always did the right thing and when he loved..... oooh, a woman knew she was loved.

And isn't that what we all want in our own personal heroes??

So let's hear it for Highlanders. There are some great Highlander romances out there, too. Paula Quinn, Sue Ellen Welfonder, Kathleen Givens. Do yourself a favor and pick up a fabulous Highlander........

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Monday, April 06, 2009

History Day.......

It's History Day again!

Today, in 1896, the first Modern Olympics began! I don't have the names or countries of the guys on the left, but they were one of the first to bring back the Olympics!

In other news...

1909, Robert Peary became the first man to reach the North Pole. (I wonder if Santa greeted him?)

1917, Congress approved a declaration of war against Germany.

1956, Capitol Record building in Hollywood was dedicated. It was the first round office building designed in America and really does look like a stack of records.

1958 Arnold Palmer won his first Major golf tournament, The Masters

1983, Interior Secretary, James Watts BANNED THE BEACH BOYS from a Fourth of July celebration in DC, saying Rock and Roll bands attract the 'wrong element'. (I didn't know Senators liked rock and roll)

1992, SciFi author Isaac Asimov dies

Okay you guys, let's hear it!


Friday, April 03, 2009

Saturday Heroes.........

Yep, Saturday Heroes, posted on Friday! So shoot me. No wait, don't! I've gotta hit the road early tomorrow, so thought I'd post my Saturday Heroes now.........

I've been on a cowboy thing for the last couple of days. Guest blogging at Petticoats & Pistols started me off. But to tell the truth, I've always been in love with the cowboys.

I started out writing Western Historicals and part of my heart is still there.

And let's face it, Sam Elliot is just the absolute BEST cowboy ever. With Tom Selleck a mighty close second. This picture is a still from their TV movie, The Shadow Riders, based on A Louis L'Amour novel....

What's not to love about a cowboy? They were tough and strong, yet tender. They stood up for the weak, punished the bullies and when they gave their word, it meant something.

Sure, the west has been idealized over time and yes, I'm not naieve enough to believe that ALL cowboys were heroes. But back then, when the only thing people had to help them survive was each other....your word had better mean something. You had better be someone who could be trusted.

And when all is said and done, let's think about this from a romance writer/reader point of view. Hat. Boots. Worn jeans. Long duster. Gun on hip.

And Sam Elliot's gravelly, spine tingly voice.

Oh yeah. That's a hero.

Who's YOUR favorite cowboy???

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Guest Blogging!

I'm guest blogging at PETTICOATS AND PISTOLS today! So come on over and say Howdy~