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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Angels and Demons.......

No, not the new movie by the Da Vinci code guy.

I'm talking about the angels and demons we meet in the fabulous CW television show, SUPERNATURAL.

Yes, it seems I didn't talk about this show enough over the weekend. So here I am back again. Above is a picture of Castiel. An angel. At the moment, he's inhabiting the body of a man of faith who volunteered to host the angel's powerful spirit. (And nice choice on the rent-a-body, Cas!)

But anyway.....Cas is the angel who pulled Dean out of hell on orders from God and for that, we love him already. But it seems that angels have problems, too. They've put Dean and Sam in charge of stopping Lucifer from breaking loose from Hell. But while they're trying to do the right thing, OTHER angels are being a little less than full of grace.

We've met Uriel and Zacariah and Anna and frankly, I can so understand why Anna and Cas are suddenly having doubt issues. We've learned that only four angels have ever really SEEN God. So basically, the angels are expected to have blind faith just like the rest of us.

Oh, and speaking of blind, do we remember when Cas appeared to our favorite psychic and his heavenly visage was so brilliant it BLINDED her??? (And by the way, why couldn't he have healed her?? Seemed like the reasonable thing to do since he claimed it was an accident!)

So what do you guys think? Are the angels on Dean and Sam's side? Is Zacariah plotting something? Are we going to see Chuck the Prophet again? And where does Anna fit in?

Oh yeah. What about this 'new' Winchester brother we're meeting? Is that a jump the shark moment?

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