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Monday, April 20, 2009

History Day

BEt you know who that cute little girl is! That's right on this day in 1934, Shirley Temple debuted in STAND UP AND CHEER. People raved about her song and dance routines for years. (And according to my mom....because of Shirley, little girls across America were tortured with those weird little curls!)

In other news..........

1865, safety matches were first advertised on this day. (I'm thinking people were really grateful to have them, too!)

1931, Knute Rockne, famed football coach, died in a plane crash.

1949, Willie Shoemaker won his first horse race. (of course, the horse did most of the work!)

1959, THE UNTOUCHABLES debuted on CBS

And that's it for me! A slow day history wise....until you guys show me everything I missed!


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