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Monday, April 06, 2009

History Day.......

It's History Day again!

Today, in 1896, the first Modern Olympics began! I don't have the names or countries of the guys on the left, but they were one of the first to bring back the Olympics!

In other news...

1909, Robert Peary became the first man to reach the North Pole. (I wonder if Santa greeted him?)

1917, Congress approved a declaration of war against Germany.

1956, Capitol Record building in Hollywood was dedicated. It was the first round office building designed in America and really does look like a stack of records.

1958 Arnold Palmer won his first Major golf tournament, The Masters

1983, Interior Secretary, James Watts BANNED THE BEACH BOYS from a Fourth of July celebration in DC, saying Rock and Roll bands attract the 'wrong element'. (I didn't know Senators liked rock and roll)

1992, SciFi author Isaac Asimov dies

Okay you guys, let's hear it!



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