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Monday, April 13, 2009

History Day

Ahhhh, another History Day rolls around. Is it just me or are the weeks really flying past???

ANYWAY, on this day in 1899, Alfred Butts was born. Yes, an unprepossessing name...but this was the man who gave us SCRABBLE. Yes, the most popular word game ever. Alfred was an architect who lost his job during the Depression. He invented a 'crossword puzzle' game that he and his friends enjoyed. When a Macy's executive saw the game, in 1952 and started selling the little game at his store. Pretty soon, a big game making company came to Alfred and offered to pay him 3 cents for every copy of the game they made. Within a few weeks, 6,000 copies a week were being made. So, to the King of Displacement Activity games, we say a hearty Thank you, Alfred.

In other news..........

1796, the first Elephant arrived in the United States. Emigrating from Bengal, India, it arrived here through NYC

1943, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial was dedicated in DC

1964, Sidney Poitier became the first black actor in a leading role, to win an Oscar. He did it for his part in Lilies of the Field (a terrific movie)

1970, Apollo 13, on its way to the Moon, was crippled by an exploding liquid Oxygen tank and we heard the words, "Houston, we have a problem."

1997, Tiger Woods at 21 became the youngest person to win a major golf title. The Masters.

What've you guys got??


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