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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I've never been a big fan of sunrises. They come WAY too early in the morning for me to really give them the sort of appreciation they probably expect.

Sunsets are great because hey, you can kick back with a glass of wine, and settle in to watch the show. You've had all day to prepare for the appreciation.

Still, I've discovered something since moving to the Top of Utah...... Sunrises here can make you appreciate them in spite of the early morning hour! There's something about the cold, crisp air in the mountains. The quiet of the early morning and having that first cup of coffee while you watch the sky wake up...

Who knew?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Snow already??

Everybody here in Utah assured me that we don't usually get snow until after Thanksgiving.

Um...someone forgot to tell the weather gods. This is a view of my backyard. Very pretty! The trees were lacy, the air was so still and the world was quiet.

And it was cold. Did I mention the word COLD yet? Cuz it was COLD.

We've already told our neighbors that if TV gets boring this winter, they should just turn it off and watch us instead. I'm thinking that watching California people deal with snow is going to be very entertaining.