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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Glasses......

So, I spent most of today dealing with getting glasses.

Time was, I had GREAT eyes. Then I started writing. And the more time I spent looking at a computer, the worse my eyes got. And I HATE going to doctors.

So my old glasses were five years old. Yep. But they worked great until two months ago. Then I was doing the head bob, lining up the lines on a page and squinting. Not a good look. So the dh and I headed out.

What a nightmare. I hate being tested. I'm always worried about doing badly. I want to do well on tests!! And the stupid peripheral vision test makes me insane! I can see the squiggly line, but I don't hit the stupid button in time. And then you've got to find frames that don't make you look like a big dork.

Probably would be easier to get Lasik surgery. But hello?? LASERS??? On my EYES?? I'll just risk looking like a dork.

Monday, January 14, 2008

RWA, Writing and Friendships.......

That's a lot of books. I was searching for a picture that would sum up the RWA meeting I went to on Saturday. I searched under women's meetings, laughter, friendship and I still couldn't find just the right picture.

So finally I settled on books. Paperback books specifically since that's what most of us in the Romance industry write.

You look at these books, you go to an RWA meeting and you realize just how many wonderful storytellers there are out there. And for every one of us who gets published, there are three or four writers struggling to get into the business.

So what am I getting at? Hard to say. There's been a lot of talk here lately about plagiarism and I don't really intend to get into it--since there are plenty of people who know more about this case than I do already discussing it.

I guess all I really wanted to say is, each writer is special. Her voice is her own (yes, I know there are fabulous male writers too, but go with me). She tells her story the way she sees it and does her very best to make each word sing.

And I'd like to applaud all of those working writers who labor in obscurity. Who sweat blood over every word. Who write and rewrite and rewrite again all in the effort to tell their stories their way. Published or not, you're all special.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

One Pooped Puppy.........

No, this is not my puppy. He's just illustrating my point.

Anybody else need a nap??

Did the holidays whip you down until you cried 'Uncle'?? Did me. And now here we are in a brand spanking New Year and it hardly seems possible 07 is gone! Where'd it go?

Did I have fun?

Did you?

I don't do resolutions. Waaaayyyy too depressing if I don't keep 'em. But I do like to make a few promises at the beginning of the year. Things like, read more. Take more walks. Hug my family more often. Try not to give advice that nobody really wants. (That's a toughie)..... What about you?

In the first week of this brand new year, are you making promises to you?