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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thank You!!

First, a big THANK YOU to all of you who went out and bought a copy of FALLING FOR KING'S FORTUNE, the third book in my King brothers trilogy from Silhouette!

Because of YOU, that book debuted at Number ONE on the Walden's bestseller list and stayed there for two weeks! Seriously, big thank you!

And for my latest news.......Tomorrow, I make a lengthy trek on the 405 freeway to Los Angeles..... BEA that's Book Expo America is at the LA convention center.

For book people, this is the circus come to town! Every publisher takes a booth to show off their authors and their lists. Writers fill the hall, there are free books, publicity info, marketing seminars, printers, book mark makers, there are fabulous new goodies every year and it would take a week to see it all!

This year, I'm signing my June Desire at the Harlequin booth and then I'll be wandering the aisles, picking up new books and looking for the latest and greatest.........only THIS year, I'm wearing comfy shoes!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

History Day.,

We're starting out on this Memorial Day, with John Wayne's Birthday! On this day in 1907, the Duke was born....My brother's all time biggest hero, you could always count on John Wayne saying exactly what he meant--and not caring whether you agreed with him or not. Gotta respect that! Plus, come on. THE QUIET MAN. THE SONS OF KATIE ELDER....

In 1864 the Montana Territory was created. Good call, people!

In 1897, the first copies of the now classic vampire novel DRACULA, written by Irish author Bram Stoker, went on sale in London. Wonder if Bram is still keeping up on the whole vampire industry in publishing that HE began?

1938, the House Un-American Activities Commission was established by Congress. You know... really makes you wonder what they were all thinking. Not exactly the proudest moment in our nation!

In 1940 on this day, the evacuation of Dunkirk took place. Thousands of allied soldiers stranded on a beach in France, being surrounded by German soldiers. No way out?? I don't think so. Hundreds of ships, from Naval vessels to small, privately owned rowboats like this one, set sail from England and got those stranded soldiers to safety. They risked everything and won.

The dh and I saw one of the actual boats in the British War Museum...and I swear it was no bigger than this. Makes you proud, doesn't it?

And in a not so proud moment, Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson got married on this date in 1994. Divorced 19 months later. Was anyone surprised?

2004, Terry Nichols was found guilty of 161 state murder charges for his part in the Oklahoma City bombing. (He later received 161 life sentences.) Not enough, but that's only my opinion.

So today...take a minute and think about all of those who gave so much so that we could have so much. And when you think about your freedom---thank a veteran.

Meanwhile...can you guys find any more news about today??

Thursday, May 22, 2008

VANISHED gets a pub date........

Hey, big news for me--and for all of you who have written to ask me when my third Guardian novel for Silhouette Nocturne will be released!

Just heard from my editor that VANISHED will be out on the shelves in February 09!

Yes, I know it's been awhile and it still seems pretty far away. But remember, Nocturne's doing so well that they've got an amazing number of paranormal series being released, so VANISHED had to wait its turn.

I'm really happy to see this book hit the shelves because I had so much fun writing it. The story is set in Ireland, one of my favorite places in the world and not only that, I set the story at Lough Mask, where the dh and I spent our last vacation ....

And just like Ireland itself, this book is filled with magic............Once you've read it, I hope you all will think it was worth waiting for!

Monday, May 19, 2008

History day..............

Queens don't always have happy endings! On this day in 1536, Anne Boleyn had her pretty head chopped off by her darling husband Henry's favorite executioner. The claim was adultery... and do any of us believe that?? I don't think so.......

1935, T.E. Lawrence--better known as Lawrence of Arabia--died as the result of a motorcycle accident. A sad, empty end for a man who lived such a big life. (Also the dh's favorite movie)

1958, Bobby Darin's Splish Splash was released (and now, dammit, I have that song in my head!)

1962, Marilyn Monroe did her 'Happy Birthday Mister President' song.....wonder what Jackie thought.....

1967, the Soviet Union, Great Britain and the US ratified a treaty, banning nuclear weapons from outer space. all of the aliens out there are safe, eh? Well, thanks for that, guys.

1979, In The Navy, by the Village People hits number 3 on the charts. (there goes Splish Splash and here comes the Navy...)

1992 Vice President Dan Quayle made an ass of himself for criticizing Murphy Brown (a FICTIONAL character) for having a child out of wedlock........Wonder what HE was thinking........

1994, Jackie Kennedy Onassis died. Really a lovely woman with a lot of class and dignity--I give her major points for raising her children to be not pampered kids of Camelot, but real people.
A busy day history wise.................

Monday, May 12, 2008

History Day............

So here we are on history day again... surprising how little was going on today in history....Someone should do something enterprising today so I can write about it next year!!

The reason for the prison bars?? In 1831, the first indicted bank robber in the US, Edward Smith, was sentenced to 5 years hard labor on the rock pile at Sing Sing prison. Now THAT'S rehabilitation!! Teaching a crook to make gravel....

1955, Sam Jones of the Chicago Cubs pitched a no hitter against the Pirates, winning the game 4-0. Jones was the FIRST black pitcher to throw a major league no hitter! Woo Hoo Sam!!

1970, Ernie Banks of the Cubs hit home run number 500! (apparently this is a very good day historically for the Cubbies!)

1977, the Eagles (LOVE them) earned a gold record for Hotel California...but did you know that Desperado didn't earn one?? Odd, yes??

In 1978, the Powers That Be succumbed to feminist outrage and started alternating using men's and women's names in naming hurricanes. Seems this was an attempt at fair play since women didn't want all the credit for damage and destruction. And let's face have done plenty of that, too! So it's only fair that hurricanes like David, Allen, Hugo and Andrew get to be as well known as say, Camelia.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Oh a big day..........

So you remember when I was talking about how things all go downhill at once??

Well, my poor car, (her name is Casey) had to go to the car doctor. Now my car NEVER has to go to the shop. She's very good. A hard worker who never complains. (Much like her owner, but I digress...)

Anyway, it was a very tidy fortune to pick her up, but her insides were now so pretty and new, I decided Casey needed to be pretty on the outside, too! So off to the's been awhile, okay? Poor Casey needed a bath and some vacuuming BAD.......

Like a nervous mommy, I stood at the windows, watching as my poor, dirty baby started down the track through the car wash and I swear....the minute that warm, soapy water hit Casey....her metal shivered. I like to think she was excited--but to be honest, she might have been scared. It's been awhile.........But now Casey's home, all clean and shiny and snuggled up in the garage next to her brother--the dh's car. And all is right with the world...........for now.

Monday, May 05, 2008

History day again........

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Yep, the traditional day for Margaritas and good friends is here again...and why, do you ask? Good question. Here's the answer--

It's the anniversary of the battle of the Puebla. In 1862, General Ignacio Zaragoza's troops were outnumbered three to one as they battled the invading French army. They were way outnumbered, but they had the will to win. The Mexican army defeated Napoleon III's troops and once the French had hightailed it outta there, the General's soldiers relaxed with a well deserved party. So when you're hoisting that frosty margarita today, give a thought to the reason why.........

But before the General's sweeping victory, in 1809, Mary Kies was the first woman awarded a patent--what for? For her technique of weaving straw with silk and thread. What was she thinking??

In 1891, New York City dedicated its new Music Hall. Of course now, they call it Carnegie Hall...same diff.

In 1936 Edward Ravenscroft received the patent for a screw on bottle cap with a pour spout.....Now that guy was on to something!

In 1956, Jim Bailey was the first man to break the four minute mile (in the United States).....what was HE thinking??

Oh, and in 1867, Nelly Bly (Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman), courageous and way ahead of her time journalist was born! Happy Birthday Nelly.......from one woman writer to another..................

Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Virtual 'Anywhere But Here' Game.......

So why is it things go wrong in BUNCHES?? Appliances go belly up, screen doors break, tires need to be replaced, mom's still in a cast and assorted other worries and or problems that you can't necessarily fix start piling up all at once.

What's a writer to do??? Well, for me, I play a quick game of Anywhere But Here. And where do I go when I'm playing this game? I take a soothing mental trip back to Scotland.

There's a small town, a village, really, that I fell in love with the last time we were there. Crail, Scotland is not far from Edinburgh, only ten miles from St. Andrews and has the most gorgeous harbor and lighthouse I've ever seen. My dh and I sat on the sea wall for an hour, just staring out at the waves crashing over the spit of land that leads to the lighthouse. Boats rock in the harbor, old wood creaking. Wind so cold and so fierce that the mailslots on the nearby houses have cloth stuffed in them to cut down on the draft, pushes at you, daring you to stay there on that sea wall. The gulls are screeching, the sun is shining and if you look straight ahead, you can stare into forever.

The picture above came from Undiscovered Scotland mainly because when I was there, I was so busy trying to become one with the scenery, none of my own photos came out well. Crail is poised on the edge of a ferocious sea, but it's stood there for centuries, holding its own against all comers.

If you're ever in Scotland, do yourself a favor and go to Crail harbor. But for now, when you play 'Anywhere But Here', where do you go??