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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another Question, Another Chance To Win!

Yep! Still here. Still gathering comments. Still giving everyone who comments between now and Sunday a chance to win a signed copy of MORE THAN FIENDS's my next question. What kind of covers work for you? I mean, we usually have zero input on our covers, and we trust that marketing and the art department know exactly what they're doing.
But tastes what does it for you? Cartoony? The Clinch? Land covers? (you know the ones, pretty house, trees, flowers)--Do you prefer people on the cover or would you rather see something like the FIEND cover?
Do bright colors draw you in? Do cover quotes make a difference??
Come on, tell me what you think!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Make a Comment, WIN a book!

So, since my newly redesigned website is NOT up yet...Hey, the Fabulous Ms. Shelley's a busy girl these days...
I thought I'd run a mini contest here on the blog!
So, every time you make a comment on my blog between now and Sunday, you'll be entered into a contest to win a signed copy of MORE THAN FIENDS
The book's release date is June 5, so you'll be one of the first to read what reviewers are calling a "Fast paced, ingenius and sarcastic!" book.
Let me start you off with a question....What kind of heroine is your favorite?? And do you like humor with your romance??

Monday, May 28, 2007

Thank a Veteran...........

It's Memorial Day and to most people, it's no more than a weekend of sales and barbecues and trips to the beach. And while there's nothing wrong with that.....At some point during this long weekend, when you're relaxing and enjoying the freedom to do whatever you want to do, take a moment and thank a Veteran.
The older men you see sitting outside the grocery store, collecting money for the Veteran's Associations, are prime examples of who we need to be thanking. Sixty years ago, those old men were young, handsome, strong boys who marched off to fight for the rest of us. Some of them came home, had families and lived full lives. Others weren't so lucky. Soliders, Sailors, Marines and Airmen don't ask questions. They go where they're needed. They go where they're sent. And they stand up for us in worlds most of us will never see. They are the thin, brave line that separates us from possible dangers. They answer a call to duty. They and their families make sacrifices most Americans will never have to think about. So take a minute. Thank the man sitting at the table in front of Von's. Let him know we're grateful for all he and his brothers did. And remember when you see a man or woman in uniform, smile. Offer a handshake. Let them know they matter and that they're appreciated.
It's the very least we can do.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Page 69 test...............

I read on Rhonda Pollero's website about this TEST. Read page 69 of any book and it should tell you if you want to read the rest of the book or not..... Hmm. So I spent most of my day reading page 69 in about a million books!! Most of the time?? True.

So I thought I'd post page 69 of MORE THAN FIENDS
and let you guys be the judges!! Let me know what you think!

“Thanks,” he said as he followed me into the kitchen. “It does help.”
“Look,” I told him, pulling an extra coffee cup out of the cupboard and filling it for him, “I’m willing to work this out, because I’m a fabulous human being, but I’m only going to listen to you being mad for so long.”
“About sixteen years?” he asked, a reluctant smile curving one corner of his mouth.
“Ha-ha,” I said and handed him his coffee. “One more time, Logan. I was a kid. And pregnant, okay?”
He leaned back against the counter, holding the cup between his palms. “If I’d known, it would have been different,” he said. “Cassie, you wrote to me all that year and you never even mentioned it.”
“Uh-huh,” I said, taking a huge gulp of coffee, “like you never mentioned that you were dating Skippy.”
“Whatever.” I set my cup down, walked to the service porch and Logan was only a step or two behind me. While I stuffed a load of towels—Thea used two for every shower, one for her hair, one for her body and took two showers a day, you do the math—Logan leaned against the dryer, watching me.
To be honest, he gave good stare.
He made me so jumpy, I dumped enough soap in to wash five loads and hoped that wouldn’t come back to bite me in the ass. Then I slammed the lid and looked up at him. Well over six feet, it took awhile to lift my gaze all the way to his eyes, but it was worth the trip.
“What do you want from me, Logan?”
He blew out a breath, crossed his feet at the ankle and said, “Another shot.”
“At what?”
Whoa Baby!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

grumble grumble grumble.....

Yes, yes, I said I'd try not to rant for awhile!! But hey, YOU try going shopping on the weekend around here!
Used to be you could count on hideous traffic around three in the afternoon on any weekday.
Well, the traffic gremlins have been at work in So. Ca. the last few years and now, it's a mess WHENEVER you go!!
I'm thinking of having a reunion party with the people I was trapped with. After all, we became such close personal friends while we sat there idling, trying to remember what had seemed important enough to get us out there in the first place!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Contest Coming!

So, just wanted to let you all know that soon, a new contest will be up and running on my soon to be redesigned website,
to celebrate the release of MORE THAN FIENDS!!
This gorgeous necklace and earring set was made especially for ME by my wonderful friend and a fabulous writer, Amy J. Fetzer. (If you click on the picture, you can make it bigger--to appreciate it even more!)
The contest will start as soon as the book is released and the set down date for a store near you is June 5! I'm going to make you answer some questions from the book to coerce you into actually BUYING it to get a chance at this fabulous jewelry!
So watch the wait a minute...that's watch the STORES for your chance to buy MORE THAN FIENDS!! And win Amy's gorgeous jewelry!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Another crabby moment...

Ah, a bad week for me, clearly. Sorry about this, but I have another mini-rant......feel free to pass me by and find a perkier, shiny happy blog!!
What is it with manufacturers? Why does everything have to be New and Improved? What's wrong with Tried and True??
Everytimg I find a product I love, they let me use it for a couple years, get accustomed to it and disappears. Into that black hole of marketing where good stuff goes to be replaced by NEW stuff!!
Detergents I like? Gone. Tennis shoes I love? Gone. These stupid foam practice golf balls my dh loves? Gone. His favorite sunglasses/sports glasses? Gone. Now I'm forced to spend a lot of time on the internet trying to find these much loved items so I can order them and pay outrageous amounts of money to have them delivered to my door. While New and Improved remain unpurchased on the shelves.
I want to go to the Black Hole Market. I want to shop there. I'll know my way around. And everything they stock, I'm sure to love............

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Mini Rant

Okay, probably people have complained about this already, but it's my turn. Yes, thanks to Santa Ana winds, I needed to head to the drugstore to buy Sudafed.
Little did I know it would be like trying to sneak across the border without flashing a passport. They don't keep this stuff on the shelves anymore. Nope. You have to go to the pharmacy. With a picture of what you want. Then the pharmacist lays it on the counter and starts the inquisition. Did you know that you practically have to give BLOOD to buy this stuff now?? Yep. Name. Address. Driver's License. They tap it all into the computer to make sure I haven't been running all over the state scoring Sudafed.
Apparently this little adventure in shopping is brought to you by the number of idiot kids who have figured out a way to get high off cold medication! Is it just me or is the world going a little crazy? Used to be, there were two entrances to my local SavOn. (Now CVS)--but they started having trouble with shoplifters, so they closed one of the entrances, making the honest customers work to get in. You get stuck in line at the exit to Target now, while security guys read over your receipt and paw through your bags.
Yeah, I know, in the grand scheme of things, these are all pretty minor irritations. But like the title of this blog said...Mini Rant......