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Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas...........................

Yep, I know, it's not PC to say Merry Christmas. Because not everyone celebrates Christmas. But you know what, I'm saying it anyway!

And I'm not trying to make light of anyone else's holiday, I'm just celebrating my own.

Which means, the cooking, the baking, the buying, the wrapping is almost complete. I've watched LOVE ACTUALLY twice already and today, did A CHRISTMAS CAROL.

Do you hear any talk of actual writing happening? No, me neither.......But it'll get done. Once the rush is over!

I'll probably check in again before the big day......but until then, may whatever holiday you're celebrating be everything you could hope for. Hug your family, play with your friends and take the time to be kind to yourself!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

History Day......

Ahhh. Today in 1939, GONE WITH THE WIND premiered in Atlanta, Georgia. It was the first movie premier ceremony to be televised (though I doubt many had the TVs to watch it!) The then Governor of Georgia declared the day to be a state holiday.

And in other news...

1791, the Bill of Rights was ratified--(Quick! Can you tell me what the Bill of Rights is?)

1854, Philadelphia residents were amazed by the appearance of the first street cleaning machine

1938, ground was broken for the Jefferson Memorial in DC

1941, My dad's favorite singer, Lena Horne recorded her classic standard, STORMY WEATHER

1944, Glenn Miller and his orchestra went down in an airplane somewhere over the English Channel. They were on their way to do a Christmas show for the troops

1954, Davy Crockett, Indian Fighter debuted on TV on the Wonderful World of Disney (soon kids everywhere wanted a coonskin cap!)

1961, former Nazi official Adolf Eichmann was sentenced to death by an Israeli court

1966, One of the most amazing producers of children's movies and TV ever, Walt Disney, died today at 65 (talk about leaving a great legacy!)

1989, a popular uprising in Romania led to the downfall of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu

1995, the leaders of the European Union gathered in Madrid to discuss the shape of a single European currency--they called it, the Euro. (Me, I miss pounds and farthings and pences!)


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oooh. Pretty.........

Okay, just HAD to put this up.

My editor sent me this cover for the book that will be out in November 09.........Yeah, I know. Long wait.

But you gotta admit.......this cover?? Worth the wait.

Oh, and I think the book's pretty darn good, too.

Monday, December 08, 2008

History Day.......

So, History Day is back! Yes, for anyone interested, that means that my book is all polished up and pretty and sitting in New York City waiting for my editor to read it and decide what else needs polishing!

Anyway...Couldn't do History Day on December 8 without at least mentioning December 7 and the bombing of Pearl Harbor. My father fought in WW II along with hundreds of thousands of other young men and women. And I think it's not too much for those of us who enjoy the freedom that those brave souls purchased for us at great cost, to take a minute and say a silent Thank You.

And...on to the news for December 8...........

An era ended today in 1980. John Lennon was shot and killed outside his home by a deranged 'fan'. I had my own private wake for him and the music that day...
1776, George Washington's retreating army crossed the Delaware (remember the painting?)
1854, Pope Pius IX proclaimed Catholic dogma of the Immaculate Conception
1863, Abraham Lincoln announced his plans for Reconstruction
1940, the Chicago Bears shut out Washington Redskins BIG time, winning their game, 73-0 (How embarrassing for the Redskins!)
1961, the Beach Boys' first record, Surfin, was released
1978, Golda Meir died
1987, President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev signed a treaty calling for the destruction of intermediate range nuclear missles. (What?? the long and short ones were okay?)
1991, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine declared the Soviet national government dead, forging a new alliance, the Commonwealth of Independent States
1993, President Bill Clinton signed into law the North American Free Trade Agreement
That's it for me. What have you guys got???

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Still working................

Sorry about this.........but deadline is still with me.

See cartoon at left. Sigh.

I have NEVER been late on a deadline.

Let me repeat that. NEVER.

Until now. A few days late and I'm polishing like a crazy person.

So hope your Thanksgiving was great and hope you're getting into the Christmas spirit!

I don't have time right now...........