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Friday, November 30, 2007

We have weather!!

It might not be big news anywhere else, but in Southern California, actual RAIN gets people pretty excited!

Been raining all day and while I love it (cozy, curl up and read weather), the dh hates it. He's trapped like a rat in the house, and so to amuse himself, he makes noise while trying to be quiet so I can work!

Uh-huh. Let's just say it's a good thing I write romance, not murder mysteries!

How about you? What's your weather like? Are you enjoying it? Getting ready for Christmas already?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

That Time Again......

Okay, this picture seems a little cannabalistic to me, but you get the idea.

The holidays are here again! How did this happen? Why did no one tell me?

I'm in charge of Thanksgiving dinner this year, since Mom's decided to be the Matriarch for real and skip the whole cleaning, cooking, cleaning ritual. And even knowing I'm in charge, I didn't notice that Thanksgiving was close until my good friend Susan Mallery mentioned it last week! Thank God she did, or people might have shown up and I'd have been feeding them peanut butter sandwiches!
I do love having everyone over, but it's cutting into the writing time for sure!!

Anyway, the upshot is, as the holiday season lurches into view...color me misery looking for company! What're you guys doing for Turkey Day? Are you in charge? Going to a restaurant? Ignoring the whole thing?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hitting The Big 100................

Yep, it's true. I hit the big 100 not long ago. 100 books sold. Well, actually now it's 102, thanks to a brand new contract from NAL for two paranormal romances.
Yesterday at my local RWA meeting, the Orange County Chapter ambushed me! (If I'd know this was going to happen, I probably wouldn't have worn jeans. No wait. Yes I would have.)
The chapter presidents presented me with this gorgeous placque, naming me an inaugural member of the OCC 100+ club! They did force me to make a speech, which thankfully for all concerned was a brief one--but they also provided a cake in celebration of the event!
When I started writing, I was looking for a job I could do and stay at home with my kids. That job turned into a career I love and wouldn't trade for anything. I'm very grateful for the friends I've made, for the editors I've worked with and for the readers who continue to buy my books.
I'm in some heady company in the 100+ club. Along with me, the other members are Susan Mallery, Debbie Macomber and Marie Ferrarella. The writers in my chapter are all talented and hardworking, so I'm sure we won't be the only four members for long!
As for me...I'm getting started on the NEXT hundred books. I hope you'll stick with me and keep buying the books I love to write!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Shopping With a Little Heart............

Yep, it's that time again. I can hardly believe it myself. But the truth is, Christmas is almost upon us and already most of us are thinking about the shopping to come.
So, to help you out, I've got a suggestion.... go here and buy some truly spectacular jewelry and watches made by women who could really use your help!
African Hope Crafts is a small business run in South Africa by Bill and Anne Eames. Anne used to write Desires for Silhouette...but now she and her husband live and work in Africa.
The jewelry and watches you'll find on their home page is handmade by women suffering from HIV and AIDS. They earn a good living and create something gorgeous that you can share with everyone you love! Most of the earrings sell for 5 dollars, bracelets sell for 6 dollars and the necklaces for 11 dollars and watches usually for 20. They're very reasonable and if you go to the site, I know you'll find something you love.
As long as we're shopping...why not buy from those who really need our business??