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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why is it........

so I've got these cracks in a few of the windows at my house. What can I say? Kids throw footballs, basketballs, footballs, other kids...never mind.

Anyway, call a glass repair guy finally after threatening everyone at my house that if they break another window I'm going to start breaking people.

Glass place doesn't answer their phone. What? Do they not know how this whole thing works? Phones ring, they answer, I write a check.

Two more times I call. Still nothing. They've been in business, their ad says, since 1975. How is that possible if they don't answer the phone? Or hey, answering machine mean anything to you guys? Email? Nada.

Call someone else. Lookit that! They answered. An actual person!! Very exciting. They're coming out to give me an estimate and I'm thinking I'll go with them no matter what.

They're real people.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day.....

Have a great weekend, everybody.

But between the barbecues and the baseball games and the hot dogs and beer...take a minute or two and remember the REASON for this holiday.

To remember and give thanks to all of those who died to protect us all. Hang your flag outside proudly. When you see someone in uniform, take a second to thank them for their service to all of us.

And say a little prayer that they will never be forgotten.