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Friday, April 27, 2007

It's That Time Again.....

Yes, once again, my DH and I are succumbing to the lure of 'gardening'. The picture on the right is always how I imagine things will go.... Neat rows of tidy veggies. Healthy flowers bursting with blooms. Happy little butterflies and heck, I'd even take the occasional duck.
The reality is different. Yes, the rows aren't so neat, the weeds do encroach and there are no ducks. Not that I've got anything to do with the garden.
The truth is, sad to say, that the gardening gene in this house belongs solely to my DH. He does grow the vegetables that I love to have over the summer. But the pain of nurturing those little plants into actually bearing fruit??? Oh my.
I don't think the soil is that bad. And we water. Maybe too much? Not enough? Too sunny? Too chilly at night? Too much shade? He checks moisture in the soil. He's on guard against bugs and mites and something totally disgusting known as the Tomato Worm. Yeesh.
Now I love going outside to pick a tomato....but seriously?? Wouldn't it be easier to go to the market???

Friday, April 20, 2007


What IS it about that store???
I go in for ONE thing. Zone bars. I don't take a cart because that would give me WAY too much leeway in the shopping department. Instead, I pick up one of those little carry baskets.
Determined, I don't look at the candles as I pass. The office supply aisle calls to me. Nothing I like better than spanking new pens. And ooh. Tablets. They have new tablets. The paper is lined and the back of the tablet's good and hard, so you can write anywhere. Okay, I'll just throw two of them into the basket. Two's not bad. And red pens. I've got a copyedit at home and I need new pens. The gel ones. And I'm almost out of envelopes after tax season, so okay, a few of those, too. By the time I leave office supplies, the basket's a little heavy, so I rest for a minute near the candle aisle and notice a sale. Come on. A SALE.
Cinnamon candles, Fresh spring. And the new Glade candles smell really good, so I toss a few of them in there, too. Okay, back on my route. Zone bars. That's what I'm there for. Zone bars.
The endcap on the book aisle grabs me. And hey, this is research. Keeping up with market trends. I pick up a paranormal, a new Desire by Tessa Radley and a haircut magazine, cuz my hair's bugging me again.
Zone bars.........
Back to the center aisle and headed in the right direction, but there's an end cap of batteries, and my Alphie needs a tune up. Okay. batteries fly into the ever heavier basket. Now I'm using two hands to hold the damn thing and still refusing to get a cart. I can do this. Zone bars and I'm gone.
God, I need new towels. Really pretty blue ones and another sale. Is this lucky or what? Leave there, slinging towels over my shoulders because there's no room in the basket. Stumble through the food section and grab a bag of Double Stuf Oreos and another bag of Hersheys miniatures for the emergency chocolate stash.
That's it. I'm done. Get what I came here for and get out.....Birthday cards. God. Forgot about the birthdays I've got coming up. Mull through there for a half hour, pick up four birthdays and some extra all purpose ones for those emergency moments and at last head for the checkout.
Hand over the credit card, watch the receipt stream from the register like a ticker tape parade, then stagger out to the car juggling FIVE bags. Stow it all in the trunk, get in the car, head home and realize.....

Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's a Party!

Hey, I'm guest blogging over at Tessa Radley's blog today!

We're celebrating the release of her first book, THE BLACK WIDOW BRIDE, from Silhouette Desire!

So come on over, leave a comment and have a chance to win an advanced reading copy of my June book, MORE THAN FIENDS!

Monday, April 16, 2007


So my computer went Blue Screen of Death on me a week ago... A terrifying thing. Suddenly your pal, your buddy, your sometimes Nemesis doesn't light up when you push the button. All you get is that nasty blue screen telling you that your livelihood is busy dying....
And THEN I realized that hey, it's still on warranty, so Dell, God Bless 'Em, sent out a tech to my house to bring my baby back to life!
While this wonderful, fabulous Tech was here, he asked me what I did for a living..................
Me: I write books
Him: What kind of books?
Me: (Thinking, oh boy, here we go), Romance novels.
Him: Ah...How many do you write a month?
Me: HUH? Uh, it doesn't really work that way. Takes me three or four months to write a book.
Him: Ahhh.... And who is the OTHER romance writer?
Me: Um, there are THOUSANDS of us.............
Him: REALLY????
That's okay, I love him anyway. He brought my baby back from the brink!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter Weekend!

Cannot believe it's Easter already! Is it just me or is this year already flying by???
Anyway, at Christmas, I posted a picture of the reindeer cake the family insists that I make every year. Now that it's guessed it. There's a bunny cake that's become tradition. And here he is. Pretty cute and very tasty.
The family gets together for what we call Easter Saturday. We started this years ago, mostly as a way to avoid the hideous holiday traffic in Southern California!
Easter Saturday dinner, is of course, a barbecue--usually with a badminton game thrown in for laughs. (My laughter while the others play). My brother and sister in law host the festivities and they've got it down to a science now. So we'll relax, talk, eat too much, laugh too hard and celebrate being together again.
I wish you all the same...........