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Sunday, November 16, 2008

History Day..........

I'm posting this on Sunday night because --well, because I wanted to! But it's Monday's history I'm talking about.......

Today in 1558, Elizabeth I became Queen of England after the death of Queen Mary. During Elizabeth's reign, 1558-1603, England became a world power.

1851, the US Post Office issued a 1 cent carrier stamp. (It was all down hill from there.)

1869, the Suez Canal opened, connecting the Meditteranean and the Red Seas, eliminating a 4,000 mile trip around Africa.

1954, Arnold Palmer signed a contract with Wilson Sporting Goods and became a golf pro.

1968, the HEIDI game happened on TV. The Jets/Raiders football game was cut off to begin playing the family movie, Heidi. Viewers missed Oakland making TWO touchdowns in the last nine seconds to win the game 43-32. The next day at NBC, a few heads rolled and they came up with the idea of program delay....

1981, Luke Spencer married Laura Baldwin on ABC. That's right, General Hospital's favorite couple generated an audience of 14 million people. (Yes, I was one of 'em)

1993, US House of Representatives approved NAFTA by a vote of 234-200

That's it for me........let's hear from you guys this week!


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