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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Scary days........

I was going to do a rant today, because I'm hot--(Fall in Southern California, hello 90 degrees!). Plus, had to go to the grocery store and got completely cranked out by the lousy drivers and then the people in the store who clearly shouldn't be out on their own.

BUT, then the wildfires really kicked into high gear. In So. CA, we get wildfires nearly every year. And we've been very rain deprived for the last three years, so it's worse now than ever. The slightest spark will set things off.

Yesterday, the fires were burning in Montecito and Santa, there are more. The picture up there is of the sun shining down on my house and we're about forty miles from the closest fires. There's so much smoke and ash in the air, the light is yellow.

The other picture is of the sky with the smoke rolling in. There's ash flying in the air too and the Santa Ana winds are howling, which are just not helping the firefighters any.

So, crabbiness forgotten while I think about family and friends who are in the paths of the fires. We're praying for the people who've lost everything in these fires and we're praying for the firefighters who are all that's standing between the flames and the people in danger...........


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