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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

History Day........

What a pretty lady there on the left, huh?? Back in the day, when the French still liked us, they gave us the Statue of Liberty to cement our friendship and the lovely lady was unveiled and dedicated in New York harbor on this day in 1886!

And in other news....

1636, Harvard college was founded

1793 Eli Whitney applied for a patent for his Cotton Gin

1904, fingerprinting was first used by the St. Louis police department (a day no criminal celebrates)

1919, Congress ignored President Woodrow Wilson's veto and enacted the Volstead act, which provided for enforcement of Prohibition....(clearly Congress has come a long way. I can't see them voting for this now, can you??)

1927 Pan American Airways (remember Pan-Am?) flew the first International flight from Key West FL to Havana, Cuba

1940, the Greek Resistance and military turned back Mussolini's troops and closed their borders to the Nazis! This day is still celebrated in Greece as Ohi (No!) Day

1946, SKY KING was first heard on the radio..."Out of the blue of the western sky, comes SKY KING! And his niece, Penny

1958, John XXIII was named Pope

1961, Brian Epstein, a record store owner in London was asked for the song MY BONNIE by the Silver Beatles. He didn't have it in stock, so he went to the Cavern Club to check out the group. In a matter of days, he was their new manager and renamed them THE BEATLES

1962, Kruschev informed the US that he had ordered the dismantling of nuclear missles in Cuba (remember THOSE scary days??)

1965, the Gateway Arch was completed in St. Louis Missouri

Okay everybody, what've you got??


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