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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tagged by Dana!

Yep, I'm copying from myself! This is the blog I posted today over at Deadline Diaries But for some reason, Blogger let me post my picture over here!! Anyway, if you don't hit DD regularly, this should be new for you!

Okay, I got tagged by Dana Diamond a week or so ago and I’m just now paying up! The object of this little exercise is, someone tags you and you have to come up with 5 interesting or funny facts about yourself.

Not as easy as you might think...

1. Cary Grant called me ‘Darling’. Yes, my all time favorite movie star actually spoke to me when I was a kid. At Disneyland. My friends and I were there, heard a sales clerk talking about him and I set off on a HUNT. I did laps around Disneyland until I finally tracked Cary down by the Jungle Safari ride. He was with his daughter and his bodyguards and largely being ignored by a crowd who apparently didn’t notice the STAR in their midst. I stopped about ten feet from him and shouted, “Mr. Grant?” and asked for an autograph of all things. And he said, “I’m sorry Darling. This isn’t a good time.” He was gray haired and long past his prime and still one of the most sexy men in the known universe. Of course, as soon as he spoke, he was ENGULFED by a crowd of people. So I probably ruined his day at Disneyland even though he MADE mine!

2. I saw my dog’s ghost A couple of weeks after my darling Golden Retriever Abbey died suddenly, I saw her again. She was sitting right beside me, just as she always did and for a minute, I almost forgot the pain of losing her.

3. My daughter and I got drunk and burned Christmas dinner. That sounds really bad, doesn’t it? A couple of years ago, I was making Lasagna for Christmas dinner. It should have turned out great. My Sicilian mother in law’s sauce recipe alone made it worthwhile. Then Sarah and I started drinking wine. We had a great time until we checked on the Lasagna and found tomato sauce flavored crackers. And the DH got my daughter and I laughing hysterically on video tape! Oh, and we had sandwiches for Christmas dinner!

4. I was once surrounded by hunting dogs. Yes, went to the mountains with the DH. We scaled what felt like Mt. Everest and when we reached the top, I was so proud. Until I saw a group of people walking toward us and the DH told me “they took the road”. Uh-huh, thanks, babe. And later, while looking for a little girl’s room out in the Great Outdoors—six hunting dogs showed up out of nowhere at a very inconvenient moment and fought me for space! Needless to say, I won. And, also needless to say, that was my last foray into the Great Outdoors.

5. I crashed the roof of my car. Yep, that’s right. My VW bug had dents all over its poor body. Then my dad noted that the only place that hadn’t been touched was the roof. You guessed it. Two days later, I drove the car into the DH’s (then boyfriend’s) shop, wrapped the rope handle for the giant door around the front bumper and brought it down on the roof. My dad learned to not challenge me in any way!

So, tell me what you’ve got! Give me some of your interesting or fun facts! Trust me, it’s not as embarrassing as the hunting dog story!


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