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Thursday, July 29, 2010

All By Myself............

Well, all of my pals are in Orlando this week at the RWA National conference.

(No, they don't really look like this picture, I just did that to get back at them for having fun without me!)

But with deadlines and a kitchen renovation...a conference just seemed like too much hard work! =)

Still, now that I'm All By Myself.......I'm rethinking the whole thing. And I swear, I will NEVER miss another conference..........


  • At 9:26 PM, Blogger Lacey Devlin said…

    Aw no fair! How's the kitchen going anyway?

  • At 1:45 PM, Blogger Maureen Child said…

    Kitchen is............COMPLETE!! well, except the guy's coming back on Wednesday to do something or other to the granite!!

    THEN I will post a pretty picture!

  • At 6:59 PM, Blogger Lacey Devlin said…

    Yay! Celebration time :) I bet it looks fabulous

  • At 9:00 PM, Anonymous pat said…

    Let's face it, we all want to be where the fun is. At least you got the kitchen taken care of, and I'm sure it won't be long before you get a chance to "run wild" with some friends.


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