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Monday, January 26, 2009

History Day

Yep, that's Sydney Harbor there on the left......because on this day in 1788, the first European settlers in Australia landed in Sydney. (I"m guessing it didn't look like that back then!)

And in other news.......

1784, Ben Franklin wrote a letter to his daughter saying how disappointed he was that the Bald Eagle had been chosen as our national bird. He was rooting for the Turkey. (Hey, he couldn't be right all the time!)

1802, Congress passed an act calling for a library to be established within the US capitol

1837, Michigan became our 26th state

1861, Louisiana seceded from the Union

1870, Virginia rejoined the Union (a busy day for states!)

1875, George Green of Kalamazoon, Michican patented the electric dental drill. (I just got a chill. You?) Prior to George's invention, the dental tools of the trade included hammers and pliers. YIKES

1913, Jim Thorpe returned to of the gold medals he won at the Olympics because he had played professional baseball. Sixty years later (and twenty years after his death) the medals were returned.

1934, The Appolo theatre opened in NYC as a "Negro Vaudevilled Theatre"...The Appolo saw the birth of some great acts

1988, Andrew Lloyd Weber's Phantom of the Opera, the longest running musical on Broadway, opened at the Majestic

1996, Hilary Clinton testified in the Whitewater hearings

1998 Bill Clinton denied "having sexual relations with that woman"

2005 Condoleeza Rice sworn in as Secretary of State

2006, confronted by Oprah on her tv show, author James Frey admitted to lying in his "memoir"...(they call that fiction, James.)

That's it for me......what about you?


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