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Monday, January 05, 2009

BEDEVILED pre-empts History Day!

Okay so yes, I should be doing History Day today. Took off for the holidays and ooh, then got the Cold That Ate California, that is still with me.......good times., BEDEVILED takes center stage!

It's out there on the shelves, folks!! That cover is eye catching and the story is really me on this. Sure, I know I wrote it so I'm probably prejudiced, but it really is good!

It got a Starred Review from Booklist--very prestigious review magazine--here's the quote:

"Clap if you believe in Faeries and even if you don't, you can applaud Maureen Child's heartwarming, hilarious adventure, a ticket to the fantastic Otherworld and back."

So, what're you waiting for?? Get thee to a bookstore and shop!!

Oh, and your local neighborhood writer thanks you..............................


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