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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The best thing about writers? In my opinion, it's the way we celebrate our friends' successes. No matter what we write or how much or for how long, we're all sisters--(okay and a few hearty brothers)--in the trenches.

So when something FABULOUS happens to one of us, we all feel the pride and excitement! Which is what brings me to my subject today.

One of my best friends, Kate Carlisle, had the amazing experience of seeing her FIRST book released two weeks ago. She'd worked and worked for years to reach publication and seeing that beautiful cover on the shelf was her richly deserved reward.

But it gets better! Because Kate's book, HOMICIDE IN HARDCOVER, in its second week on the shelf, hit the New York Times Bestseller list!! So rush on out and buy your copy of the first book in a fabulous new series!!

Kate's writing friends couldn't be prouder--or happier--or more excited!

Yay, Kate!


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