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Monday, July 02, 2007

Conference Time Again!!

Cannot believe it's time for Romance Writers of America's national conference again already!! Hello?? Weren't we JUST in Atlanta??
And yes, Atlanta in July. This year, Dallas in July. Any wonder why most of us hole up in the hotel and never go anywhere else??
But my point here is...the pre-packing ritual has begun. A week before conference, out comes the suitcase. Open it up, lay it out on the bed and spend the next several days throwing EVERYTHING I'VE EVER OWNED into it! After all, you can't forget something!!
I always do though. And I'm not alone. Inevitably, there's a group of us at the desk, claiming FedEx packages from home.
So conference is here and that means books!! A couple thousand of us get together and we talk books. We plot books. We plan for the next books. We get signed copies of books. We hold a literacy reception where several hundred romance authors sign their books and the money raised goes to Literacy in America. There are writers and readers and agents and editors.
Could it GET any better than that??


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