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Monday, September 28, 2009

History Day......

So....on this day in 19mumble-mumble, I was born! That's right, I'm the star of History Day today. And in honor of say...ME, here's a picture of one slice of my absolute favorite cake! Six layers of choclatey heaven otherwise known as the Motherlode...Oh yes. there's one of these in my future...

And in other news.......
1781, American and French forces begin the seige of Yorktown. (Take that, Cornwallis!)
1787, Congress sends the Constitution to state legislatures for their approval. (My guess? That's the last time the Congress actually READ the Constitution!)
1879, Sydney, Australia institutes steam motor tram route
1892, the first football game to be played at night--in Mansfield, PA
1930, Lou Gehrig's streak of errorless games ended at 885 games
1958, US performs nuclear test at Nevada test site
1968, Janis Joplin leaves Big Brother and the Holding company (okay, not really news, but I always liked her)
1968, the Beatles' Hey Jude hits number one and stays there for 9 weeks. (Never liked that song...)
1980, Carl Sagan's 13 part series, The Cosmos premiers on PBS
That's it for me! Let's hear it you guys!


  • At 2:32 AM, Blogger Lacey Devlin said…


    That cake looks amazing!

    I now desire cake.

    The birthday girl is a bad influence. :D

  • At 8:52 AM, Blogger Maureen Child said…

    It's the Birthday Girl's pleasure to tempt others down that long road to temptation!!

    Get CAKE!!

    and thanks, Lacey!

  • At 10:47 AM, Anonymous Jen Lyon said…

    Happy Birthday, Maureen! Hope you're taking the day off and celebrating!

  • At 3:20 PM, Blogger Maureen Child said…

    Thanks Jen!! Taking Wed off!!

  • At 6:11 PM, Blogger Lacey Devlin said…

    Got my cake and ate it too ;) The treadmill and I are going to be the best of friends :P

  • At 6:27 PM, Blogger Maureen Child said…

    Ahh, Lacey. I'm so impressed. I have to take all of the dry cleaning off the elliptical to even get NEAR it!

  • At 6:07 AM, Blogger Amy said…


    Any excuse for cake, huh? =)

  • At 11:42 AM, Blogger Pat said…

    Happy Cake Day to you!! I recognize that cake by the way. We've bonded a few times in the past. Enjoy your celebration, and stay away from that treadmill!!

  • At 12:46 PM, Blogger Maureen Child said…

    Hey Amy!!

    any excuse for THAT cake, especially!!

  • At 12:47 PM, Blogger Maureen Child said…

    Pat, here again, we do the bondy dance!! Is that the most amazing cake ever??

    And I'm not even looking in the dread machine's direction...


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