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Saturday, February 06, 2010

American History Being Rewritten

I'm on a rant--fair warning! That picture on the left is of American patriot, Nathan Hale. He was 21 years old when he was hanged as a spy by the British army. He was young, patriotic, intelligent. An athlete much admired by his friends and teachers. And he bravely accepted his death as the price he must pay to help bring America to life. His famous last words, "I regret that I have but one life to give for my country" are not really taught to our kids anymore.

And if the new textbooks have their way, he won't even be mentioned. Nor will Daniel Boone, Gen. George Patton, Columbus Day or even Christmas Day. Our history is being rewritten by the PC police and we must all stand up and protest it.

American textbooks are about to be rewritten.

The Texas State Board of Education is redoing the language to be used by textbook publishers. As Texas is a leader in textbooks, many other states will be purchasing the same materials.

These new textbooks will be including things like "the cultural impact of hip hop music", and the Hindu holiday of Diwali. Our kids will be taught to replace the term "American citizen" with that of "Global citizen" They won't be taught about 'expansionism' and 'free enterprise', but instead it will be known as 'imperialism and capitalism'.

Other nations teach their children to be proud of their heritage. Why shouldn't we?

These books will be used for the next ten years. And by the time this issue is revisited then, these books will be allowed to stand and more of our history will be lost.

I'm a huge American history lover. And this breaks my heart. We must stand up and make sure our children are taught who we are. And to learn that, they must know who we WERE. Rewriting history is an insult to the men and women who paid with their blood to give us the country we have today.

The board's next meeting is in March and the final reading and adoption of the social studies guidelines will be in May. There are fifteen people on this board who are deciding what textbooks across this nation will be saying. That means they only need a majority of 8 people to decide whether or not to rewrite our country's history.

Stand up and let them hear from you. Email them with your opinion at

And if you stayed with me through my rant, thank you!


  • At 4:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    nice read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did anyone learn that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.

  • At 10:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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  • At 11:08 AM, Blogger Erika said…

    Wow. I had no idea, I will definitely send in my opinion. Thanks for the heads up Maureen.

  • At 12:51 PM, Blogger Maureen Child said…

    Thanks, Erica! I couldn't believe it either.

    Those EIGHT people will decide what ALL of our country's school children will be learning for the next ten years!


  • At 10:07 PM, Blogger Pat said…

    Just when you think you've heard it all, ANOTHER act of stupidity comes along that leaves you speechless.

  • At 8:35 AM, Blogger Maureen Child said…

    Pat, that's exactly how I felt!! Imagine, 8 people in Texas deciding what kind of history our kids will be taught??

    Tell your friends!!

  • At 3:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 8:38 AM, Blogger Amy said…

    I'm totally there with changing HISTORY. My God. How can they even think of altering the truth???
    The Truth hurts sometimes but its the TRUTH.
    I went to the Texas board and voiced my opposition. This is appalling and outrageous.

  • At 9:10 AM, Blogger Maureen Child said…

    Amy, I completely agree. I'm so furious about this........

    When did Americans have to start apologizing for being American?

    We are, after all, STILL the one country in the world that people try to escape to!

  • At 8:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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