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Saturday, August 19, 2006


Deadlines keep intruding on my life! Or is it that my life keeps intruding on my deadlines? Every morning, I dutifully open up the laptop, go online, check my email, chat with my friends for a half hour or so, then open up Word and start the blank screen stare.

See, I try for a chapter a day when I write, so every morning, I have a freshly blank screen waiting for me to jump right in and create magic. Or, if not magic, at least some really good stuff. And I'm seriously prepared. I mean it. This is my job. This is how I make my living, so I know I have to get those pages done, so I can meet my deadline and hey, get paid! :)

But then life happens. My daughter calls and says, "Do you want to go to Target with me?" And how am I supposed to say no to that? A) LOVE hanging out with Sarah. She's a good time. And B) we BOTH love Target. Our favorite store. So off I go, to play for a few hours, telling myself that I'm refilling that creative well by getting out of the house and actually talking to people.

And as long as life keeps happening, I'll keep answering the call. I can work nights.



  • At 1:41 PM, Blogger Kate Carlisle said…'re refilling the well with venti lattes! And hey, don't ever pass up an opportunity to shop at Target. They sell all the best ideas there!



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